Pure UV-Performance

    Reduced to the essentials, the Prestige Pure offers the cheapest entry into the top class of Ergoline.  Large illuminated areas attract attention from a distance.  48 UV lamps with energy-saving Smart Performance technology, four Ultra Performance PLUS facial tanners and the optional LED Shoulder Tan guarantee excellent tanning results all round.

    Air Condition PLUS and the new Surround Cooling PLUS offer relaxing tanning as standard. In addition, the Prestige Pure can be individually extended with a comprehensive range of comfort features, which are only available in the new Prestige series from Ergoline.

    Energy savers

    Smart Performance

    48 UV lamps with Trend Advanced tubes and energy-saving Smart Performance guarantee great tanning results on the body.

    Facial tanner with

    Ultra Performance Plus

    4 facial tanners incl. 3 UVB spaghettis stand for an excellent and directly visible tan on the face.

    UV LED Shoulder Tan

    Perfect all-round tan

    Worldwide unique interplay of UVA LEDs and new UVB compact lamps. For a particularly intensive tan - even in the shoulder area.

    Even refreshment

    from head to toe

    Surround cooling: The body is flushed by an even stream of air, which reminds one of a cool sea breeze. Surround Cooling is quieter than ever before.

    Air Condition Plus: The powerful air conditioning system cools the entire tanning tunnel and the lying surface.

    Aqua Fresh & Aroma: The optional Aqua Fresh and Aroma system provides additional refreshment with finely atomised spray mist and subtle fragrance.

    • UV-Technology
    • Comfort
    • Handling
    • Design

    The Ultra Performance Plus technology with glass reflectors, spaghetti lamps and specially coated filter discs stands for intensive, directly visible tanning results in the facial area. On the body, 48 Trend UV lamps with energy-saving Smart Performance guarantee an excellent tan. The new Shoulder Tan is not only an optical highlight. 40 UVA LEDs and UVB compact lamps enable an excellent all-round tan. Despite improved performance, the power consumption of the shoulder tanner has also been reduced by over 80% compared to the predecessor model.

    • Smart Performance
    • 48 UV-Lampen à 160 Watt
    • 4 facial tanner à 520 Watt (Max.)
    • UV LED Shoulder Tan

    Air Condition PLUS and the new Surround Cooling PLUS offer relaxing tanning as standard. Surround Cooling PLUS washes around the body with an even flow of air reminiscent of a cool sea breeze. All comfort settings can be stored on the customer card with NFC Connect. So everyone automatically gets their personal favourite solarium.

    In addition, the Prestige Pure can be individually expanded with an extensive range of comfort features, which are only available in the new Prestige series from Ergoline.

    • Air Condition Plus
    • Surround Cooling Plus
    • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort
    • Optional: Aqua Fresh & Aroma
    • Optional: Cinematic Sound with Bluetooth®

    The patent-pending* Electronic Voice Assistant (E.V.A.) enables the solarium to be operated with voice commands for the first time. Voice control can be activated with a single click via the large external display. A video tutorial explains the simple operation.

    Naturally the Prestige Pure offers also further intuitive operation with two large Touch displays. The self-explanatory menu guidance with large symbols is structured like with a Smartphone. With start of the exposition to sun the display changes into a black-and-white mode, which increases the readability, independently of the used UV protective glasses, clearly.

    • Electronic Voice Assistant (E.V.A.)
    • 10'' Exterior Touch Display
    • 7'' Interior Touch Display
    • Voice Guide

    The central design element of the Prestige Pure is the Ergoline logo harmoniously integrated into the design of the device. The symbiosis of design and technology conveys innovation, elegance and performance at first glance. The completely redesigned and illuminated interior invites you to a sun experience in a class of its own. Large, white LED lighting surfaces and the discreet paint finish in Sparkling Silver fit perfectly into any studio. With NFC and the Professional Set-Up Manager, the static colour of the lighting can be easily changed if required.

    • Device color: Sparkling Silver
    • LED Mood Light
    • LED Interior Light
    Technical data
    Product dimensions
    (L x W x H in inch)

    241 × 155  × 151

    241 × 155  × 198

    Required interior cabin size
    (L x W in inch)

    250 x 230

    Maximum total output with mains connection 400/415 V 3 N

    11.800 W


    3 x 25 A


    620 kg

    Product information
    ! Further information can be found in our instruction manuals and planning manuals.
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