The Ergoline Balance series stands for a gentle tanning experience with pure low-pressure technology. With the new Balance 770+, the light spectrum is supplemented with 40 Beauty Light LEDs in the facial area and 30 Beauty Light LEDs on the body. For particularly intensive skincare.

    With Beauty Select, you can select an individual beauty and tanning program. With the UV-free "Pure Beauty" program, the Balance 770+ can be used by all skin types. Climatronic and 3D sound, including Bluetooth®, guarantee pure relaxation, no matter what tanning program you choose.

    Beauty Select

    At the touch of a button

    The individual beauty experience! Beauty Select can be used in three different ways so you achieve your own personal beauty goal - UV-free if you wish.

    Hybrid Technology

    Including Beauty Light LEDs

    Hybrid Technology uses a perfect balance of UV light and Beauty Light to reduce the unwanted side effects of the sun. After your tanning session, your skin feels smooth and soft.

    Beauty Light

    Skincare with light

    Scientific studies confirm that UV-free red light promotes collagen formation, improves skin texture and feel, and reduces wrinkles. Experience it yourself with the Balance 770+.

    Beauty Programs

    to select from

    Pure Beauty
    UV-free skin care with pure Beauty Light.

    Beauty & Sun
    Biopositive effects of the different light spectra.

    Sun & Beauty
    Beautiful and natural tan that inspires.

    • Skin care
    • Light-Technology
    • Comfort
    • Handling
    • Design
    Skin care

    PURE BEAUTY: The Pure Beauty program is used for UV-free skin care and exclusively releases red Beauty Light. The special light spectra of the Beauty Light lamps build up collagen in the skin. For demonstrably firmer and noticeably smoother skin. As this program is UV-free, it is suitable for all skin types.


    BEAUTY & SUN: The Beauty & Sun program is the best choice for those who want to benefit from the biopositive effects of sunlight in addition to Beauty Light. The red Beauty Light is supplemented by a low UV dose. However, the tan is not in the foreground. Even with regular use, the light sun dose only leads to a slightly tanned complexion.


    SUN & BEAUTY: The Sun & Beauty programme is perfect for everyone who wants a natural tan. Since the red Beauty Light stimulates the blood circulation, a beautiful and intensive tan is achieved even with a low UV dose. After tanning on the Ergoline Balance, the skin feels velvety soft. For a pleasant and gentle tanning experience.

    • 40 Beauty Light LEDs for the face
    • 30 Beauty Light LEDs for the body
    • 32 x 160W/180W UV-Lamps
    • 14 x 160W/180W Beauty Light-Lamps
    • Hybrid Performance
    • Dimmable electronic ballasts for the UV lamps 
    • Beauty Select: Pure Beauty / Beauty & Sun / Sun & Beauty
    • Climatronic
    • Comfort Cooling Plus
    • Smart Control glass control panel
    • Ergonomic Body Shape acrylic (208 x 80 cm)
    • 3D Sound incl. Voice Guide
    • Bluetooth® Connect
    • Smart Control glass control panel
    • Professional Set-up Manager for operators
    • Beauty Select buttons
    • Voice Guide
    • Colour: High Gloss Taupe
    • LED Mood Light
    • LED Interior Light
    • Frosted Acrylic
    Technical data
    Product dimensions
    (L x W x H in inch)

    226 x 138 x 141

    226 x 138 x 175

    Required interior cabin size
    (L x W in inch)

    240 x 230

    Maximum total output with mains connection 400/415 V 3 N

    12.800 W


    3 x 35 A


    545 kg

    Product information
    ! Further information can be found in our instruction manuals and planning manuals.
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