The new top model in the Affinity series enables a beautiful, natural tan including skincare thanks to the hybrid technology. The lamp division 2:1 is known from the top models from Ergoline and guarantees an excellent tanning with a beauty effect.

    With Personal Sunstyle, you can choose from three tanning programs – from gentle to intensive. In addition, you will find a lot of standard comfort features. The large tanning tunnel with body shape base area, Air Condition Plus, Aqua Fresh & Aroma as well as 3D sound incl. Voice Guide and Bluetooth® guarantee a relaxing break.

    Personal Sunstyle

    Gentle to intensive

    Personal Sunstyle offers a desired tan at the touch of a button. From gentle to intensive, everyone gets their personal desired tan.

    Hybrid Technology

    Velvety soft skin

    At a ratio of 2:1, 14 smartsun lamps and 36 Trend Direct UV lamps guarantee a beautiful, natural looking tan. Feel and see it for yourself.

    Latest UV technology

    Great results guaranteed

    With Dynamic Performance, the Affinity 990+ always guarantees optimum tanning results with no loss of performance.

    Pure refreshment

    when sunbathing

    Comfort Cooling Plus: The dual-circuit ventilation system with separately adjustable ventilation for head and body ensures excellent cooling.


    Air Condition Plus: The powerful air conditioning system cools the entire tanning tunnel and the lying surface.


    Aqua Fresh & Aroma: The optional Aqua Fresh and Aroma system provides additional refreshment with finely atomised spray mist and subtle fragrance.


    • UV-Technology
    • Comfort
    • Handling
    • Design


    • Ultra Performance Plus
    • 4 facial tanners à 420 Watt max.*
    • smartsun UVB-Spaghettis: 3 à 8 Watt
    •  0.3 Optimized Performance


    •  Hybrid Performance 200W (14 x smartsun PLUS lamps + 36 Trend Direct UV lamps)
    •  Dynamic Performance (Dynamic ECGs: 1,000 hours, always 100% performance)
    •  Shoulder tanner: 7 x 25W smartsun Shoulder Tan

    * The maximum output is adapted to the legislation of the respective country.

    • Air Condition PLUS
    • Comfort Cooling PLUS
    • Large Body Shape lying surface (208 x 90 cm)
    • Aqua Fresh & Aroma
    • 3D sound incl. Voice Guide
    • Bluetooth® Connect
    • Smart Control operation panel
    • Personal Sunstyle
    • Professional Set-up Manager
    • Voice Guide
    • Device colour: Platinum Grey
    • LED Mood Light
    • LED Interior Light
    Technical data
    Product dimensions
    (L x W x H in inch)

    226 x 148 x 147

    226 x 148 x 183

    Required interior cabin size
    (L x W in inch)

    240 x 230

    Maximum total output with mains connection 400/415 V 3 N

    14.400 W


    3 x 35 A


    600 kg

    Product information
    ! Further information can be found in our instruction manuals and planning manuals.
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