Operation with voice commands:

    Voice control E.V.A.

    Lie down, close your eyes and enjoy! E.V.A. enables for the first time the operation of the sunbed using voice.

    The Electronic Voice Assistant (E.V.A.) can be activated with a single click via the large external display. A video tutorial explains the simple operation. To start voice control during tanning, simply touch the touch display or say "EVA" out loud.  Music volume and ventilation are then reduced for a few seconds so that E.V.A. understands you better. During this time the voice commands can be entered. With very simple commands such as "Body ventilation plus", "Temperature minus", "Aroma on", "Face lamps off" or "Aqua Fresh body on" all settings with closed eyes are possible. Your entries are confirmed by the Voice Guide or an acoustic signal. Of course, the Ergoline Prestige series continues to offer intuitive operation with large touch displays".