Perfect climate - from head to toe:

    3-zone ventilation with Climatronic Plus

    The best air conditioning there is. Foot, body and face ventilators can be regulated separately. For particularly relaxed tanning.

     new foot ventilator, Surround Cooling Plus on the body and powerful face ventilation guarantee even refreshment from head to toe. The intensity can be individually adjusted at any time with voice commands (E.V.A.) or in the touch display for each area. Surround Cooling Plus washes around the body with an even flow of air, reminiscent of a cool sea breeze. Ergoline's innovative ventilation concept thus prevents a frequent point of criticism, as cold feet will be a thing of the past in the future. At the same time, noise levels have been significantly reduced. For a particularly relaxing tanning experience. The Climatronic always guarantees the perfect feel-good temperature - from cosy and warm to refreshingly cool.